Friday, June 19, 2009

Bee Happy

The French have praised the mighty bee for centuries. There is a significant history with the bee and royalty, but it is said that its popularity reached a peek when Napoleon Bonaparte took up residence in the Royal Palace at Tuileries. He refused to spend a franc on new decor, but couldn't live with the drapes covered in fleur-de-lis, a symbol of French Royalty. Therefore, he had the drapes turned upside down, which resulted in the symbol taking on the form of the bee.

I am not French nor am I of royal descent, but I am captivated by the bee, often seen surrounded by a laurel wreath. As with anything, too much is a bit hokey. But a bee here and there in a home is lovely.

My first and favorite find is the Laguiole flatware from Horchow. On the handle of each piece sits a stainless steel bee. 20 piece sets with your choice of stainless or wooden handles is on special for $99.90. Often I receive emails for an additional 30% off all items, including sale! Williams-Sonoma sells the very same thing for $279.

Ballard Designs has a selection of glassware from La Rochere. I love the little juice glasses and carafe for breakfasts in bed!

Another lovely is this Royal Jelly bee soap from Gianna Rose. How beautifully it displays in the bathroom next to a pretty little guest towel!

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